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Erick Masafu

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Erick Masafu


Masafu is distinguished as one of the most aggressive advocates in Kenya. “I’m innovative, creative, daring and I do my homework.” He says. His success is attributed to close client communication, full availability and aggressive representation.

His practice is focused on environmental and commercial litigation, whether contested or uncontested, and whether handled through the traditional litigious way or through the newer process of resolution called ‘court-annexed mediation’ He is committed to bringing high-quality legal services to the sector.

During his professional tenure, Masafu has worked for large corporations, representing corporate entities in legal matters, in luring white collar crimes cases, breach of contract and partnership disputes.

Masafu has practiced law for 11 years, during which he has built a bond with each and every one of his clients. ‘I work with them directly as opposed to assigning them to an associate advocate or a legal assistant,’ he says. Especially in commercial litigation, clients need a whole lot of support, and a periodic reality check to complement the legal advice they are paying for. When you combine that with full access and availability, it makes for long-lasting relationships.’

Trained right here in Kenya, Masafu attended University of Nairobi for his Bachelor’s of Law, then went on to earn a Master’s of Law at the University of Glasgow and is currently a Doctorate candidate of law at the University of Nairobi.

Wekesa and Simiyu Advocates has a wealth of experience in the legal sector having began our services in the year 1993. Since then, we have grown in capacity, knowledge and the necessary skills.

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