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Our Team

Wekesa & Simiyu Advocates

Our team is competent and fluent in the science and art of diagnosing legal opportunities, challenges, risks, problems and designing and executing the winning equations, solutions at the most optimum turnaround time and cost.

We have a multidisciplinary team that cross-pollinates the skillsets intrinsic in the divergent areas of practice to yield unique and solid answers to todays and tomorrows legal realities, risks, challenges and opportunities.

The team’s individual productivity per annum is above 2500 hours and it is able to meet any legal challenge and opportunity and howsoever it manifests itself.

Our team is versatile with high levels of legal intuition, perceptive, and obsessed with details and gives fresh perspectives to legal issues. Get the helicopter view, vision, analytics, craftsmanship, and advocacy of law from the often tested, experts tempered in the trenches of law in action.

“Business thinking starts with an intuitive choice of assumptions. Its progress as analysis is intertwined with intuition. The final choice is always intuitive. If that were not true all problems would be solved by mathematicians”. Bruce Henderson (Founder of the Boston Consulting Group (BCG))

Meet Our principals /partners

Cyprian Wekesa

Founder & Senior Partner
wekesa & simiyu advocates

Erick Masafu



The firm has a dynamic team of four (4) Associates


prin. Associate

Corporate and commercial


kizito wangila


Litigation & general practice


Bryan Opwaka


Litigation & general practice

Faith Murunga


Litigation & general practice

Support Staff

The firm has a dynamic team of eight (8) support staff

Peter Sitati

Peter Sitati

Chief Accountant

Judy Nandako

Office Manager

wekesa & simiyu advocates

Joselyne Wanjala

Asst. Office Manager

Leornard Matwali

Senior Clerk


Julius Nzeki

Registry AdmInistrator


The firm offers Professional training


Professional training

The firm has a strong tradition of cultivating, nurturing the continuous training of its professionals so that they keep abreast of local and international best practice and standards.

All advocates annually and mandatorily undertake niche training in their areas of practice beyond the Law Society of Kenya’s mandatorily continuing legal development training required for issue of the annual practicing certificate.

The firms professionals regularly attend local and international bar conferences where they interact with peers in the legal profession from within this jurisdiction and beyond.

Wekesa and Simiyu Advocates has a wealth of experience in the legal sector having began our services in the year 1993. Since then, we have grown in capacity, knowledge and the necessary skills.

wekesa & simiyu advocates

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