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Intellectual Property

wekesa & simiyu advocates

Intellectual Property

Pratice Area

Advice on intellectual property matters include searching, registering, filing and renewing trademarks, utility models, obtaining patents and patent registrations and preventing the unauthorized use of client’s trademarks and patents.

The firm advises on issues relating to various infringements such as counterfeit and piracy, and on the means of remedying those infringements.

Additionally, we advise companies and organizations on copyright and design right, confidential information disputes and trade secrets.

We act for the Kenya Industrial Property Institute, the National Institution that registers patents, trademarks and oversights all intellectual property matters in Kenya whenever they are taken to court by aggrieved entities in the institutes processing and oversight of intellectual property issues.

Wekesa and Simiyu Advocates has a wealth of experience in the legal sector having began our services in the year 1993. Since then, we have grown in capacity, knowledge and the necessary skills.

wekesa & simiyu advocates

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